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suture dolls/ family tree 

From 2009 to 2012, I invited friends (and their friends) on Saturdays for my Needlepoint sessions; a cross cultural social gatherings and pastime.We used simple, but powerful tools – beads, throw and needles, both sexes and all ages were encouraged to participate, on weekly/bi weekly basis. After the sessions finished, I then found hints from the existing marks and elaborated on the dolls with finishing stitchings and additions.


The Dolls were an ongoing socially-engaged probing of the delicacy created with their own time and space, which could be read like manuscripts or maps. They represent human communities, with a simple, rigid structure changed by various hands. I’m interested in this form of social gatherings and the role that they play in a society thats dominated by digital social medias, and the questions it raises about tradition, heritage, authenticity and collective ownership...

Suture dolls are now part of Family Tree (2016/17), which tapping into supernatural, ethos, explore the Ancestry and family ties.

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